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darwinisme humain comme moteur de jeux télévisés

  • Kitano, introduisant le darwinisme dans les jeux télévisés

    “I still bear an ineradicable grudge toward Takeshi Kitano, one of the few contemporary Japanese filmmakers known in the West, for spearheading this cultural rollback* by hosting one of the first Darwinist game shows in television history. Fuun! Takeshi Jo (Takeshi’s Castle, 1986-9) became the model for a global flood of television shows that translated Thatcherite values of competition and social selection into the voluntary degradation of participants.”

     [Hito Steyerl: Life in Film, in: Frieze 114 (March 1008)]


    *“The death of this type of filmmaking [Wakmatsu, Adachi Masao, Terayama Shuji u.a.] started as early as the mid-1970s, declining with the social and cultural movements of the 1960s it had been a part of. It was accelerated in the 1980s by a combination of banal television shows, rampant infantilization and cuteness cults, which killed off any possible interest in mainstream Japanese film production for a long time to come.”


    (via new filmkritik)